Sunday, September 26, 2010

Copper Metal Clay Project

Sterling silver, garnet chain, pearl embellishment

Sterling Silver and Pearls

Freshwater Pearls, Ruby drop, sterling silver pea pod

Pearls, rubies, sterling silver pea pod

Turquoise beads, freshwater pearls, garnet, sterling silver pea pod

Mosaic Abalone Bead

Sterling Silver Bracelet

Lotus Flower

Green topaz chain, vermeil lotus flower

Shibuichi Pea Pod

Turquoise beads, pearl, swarovski crystals, copper chain

Smokey Topaz, Carnelian, Sterling Silver

Monday, June 28, 2010

Wire wrapped abalone with pearl embellishments by artist Gabrielle Chevalier

Left to right:
* Fresh water pearls and swarovski crystals
* Fresh water pearls and peruvian opals
* Swarovski crystals suspended from copper metal hearts

Emerald and rose gold earrings.

Rose carved bone, blue peruvian opal with copper chain.

Peruvian opal and fresh water pearl necklace.

Bezel set chard pendant on a lapis lazuli beaded chain.

Turquoise and red coral bead necklace with silver bali bead embellishments.

Turquoise with carved red coral focal bead.

This is the back side of Lea Anne's Koi Pond bead.

Shibuichi is an alloy of copper and silver. The word means "one-fourth" in japanese, which refers to the proportions of one part silver to three parts copper. Lea Anne Hartman is an artist that designs and handcasts shibuichi beads and pendants. She does silver work as well. I own a this bead from her Koi Pond series.